[Current Topics in Psychology]

2001: A Cyberspace Odyssey
Integrating the Internet into Our 21st Century Lives

I. Overview: What is Mental Health Online?

   Harnessing the Internet

Selected Sites for Discussion

Current Topics in Psychology - General reference: office, school and clinic practice

Catalyst Magazine - Focus on Cyber-addictions, e-therapy issues, workplace

BBC Live Chat - with the Naked Chef and virtually any other popular subject

Dr. Bob's Psycho-Babble - Support and "information", from psychopharm to suicide

Flowers for Algernon - High School class exercise, and more

Google Zeitgeist - A good overview of who is using the web

SchoolNotes.com - Facilitating student-teacher communication

YahooGroups - List-servs made easy


II. Education, Practice, and Ethics

Selected Sites for Discussion

American Psychological Association

Behavior Online Forums

Pathological vs. Healthy Internet Use

Center for Online Addiction (Young)

ISMHO's Suggested Principles

ISMHO Case Study Group Report: Suitability for Online Treatment

Technical Difficulties with Online Psychotherapy


III. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Selected Sites for Discussion
(The purpose here is to provide an overview. You decide on the proper label!)

Drs.Gurr - Traditonal tx, online advertising

Internet Therapist - Last year came with Couch (Now you can buy one!)

UnlicensedTherapist.com - Here's a couch, and a whole lot more to look at and discuss.

Help Horizons - Is this the future?

Here2Listen.com - Is this now the past?

Queendom.com - Self-serv psych testing - (#1 MH Site)

Therapy Online - More effective?

Metanoia - Consumer-oriented resource

MyTHERAPYnet.com - 1 Million Online Clients by 2001?

Web Police - Think it's a joke?


IV. The Future

Selected Sites


Avatar Psychotherapy?

ISMHO's Millennium Group


Student Research

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