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Congressional Testimony on the "Malpractice" of Managed Care

Testimony of Congressman Ganske regarding Health Care Reform, from the Congressional Record, March 28, 2000. Poignant testimony from this former surgeon turned legislator.
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Health Administration Responsibility Project (HARP)

The Home Page of a large and activist group of doctors, lawyers and consumers, opposed to Managed Care. Many resources, articles, list-servs, and more.

New York State Bill to enact Single Payer Health Insurance:
(March 2001) Assembly Bill A04700: Summary | Full Text

Physicians for a National Health Plan (PNHP)

Includes a Q&A about Single Payer National Health Insurance, information on alternatives to "Managed Care" and Why the U.S. Needs a Single Payer System.

Psychologists' Guide to Advocacy

From the American Psychological Association, features a guide to elected officials, Congressional events, and summarizes issues in action alerts about important pending legislation. The site also provides easy means to write directly to your representatives and offers additional information updates via mailing lists and on the web page.

Risk Management for Practitioners

An Interview with Bryant Welch, J.D., Ph.D. (11-2000)
Overview of legal and quality-of-care issues, ranging from liability insurance to nuances of online practice. Part of an excellent Professional Interview Series directed towards health professionals. (athealth.com)

Suing Managed Care

Bryant Welch, J.D., Ph.D. (3-97)
A short list of compelling arguments when seeking redress from MCO's.


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